2015 is almost here! 

And with the New Year approaching quickly, if you are anything like me, you are probably looking back at 2014, taking stock of everything you accomplished (or wanted to accomplish), and starting to plan for the next year.

This is exactly what I’m doing this week! Every year I spend the last week of December reviewing my accomplishments for the year and setting new goals for the coming year and beyond. And I’ll admit – this is fun for me… :)

Want to do your own year-end review but are getting stuck on where to start or what to focus on? Here are a few tips:

Financial Blueprint

I LOVE money!”,

said the solidly-built man in his late 50s sitting next to me on my flight to Los Angeles. This was years ago in the late 90s, shortly after I moved to the US from Russia, which at the time was still recovering from Communism. We were talking about America, the Land of Opportunity, and the ability to make money freely.

When I heard him say that I remember thinking,

Wow! This guy’s got no issues with publicly announcing his love of money. What if somebody hears him?! They’ll think he is greedy! This is so inappropriate…

It took me years to realize that it was my then money blueprint talking…

24 hrs No Complaints

Yesterday I saw this image posted on Facebook…

And I immediately said to myself: “I’ve got to do this! This experiment couldn’t be more apropos given that it’s the Thanksgiving holiday week. Let’s do this!

So I made it official and posted on my wall. I even had a couple of friends who said that they would try to do it too. And lots of people cheered me on. Thanks guys!