“I am so sick and tired of dealing with this. I work so hard, sacrifice my family time, pay myself almost nothing – and just barely making my margins… I keep watching the bottom line like a hawk but I am no closer to where I want to be… I think I am ready to


I am SO excited about starting my own business! It’s going to be amazing – I will do what I am passionate about, help a ton of people, and enjoy the freedom of not having a boss. Woo hoo!”, I was telling my sister Olga one evening back in 2011. Oh yes, I was thrilled. I was stoked. If there is a motivation mountain, I was at the top of it. I loved the prospect of creating something of my own and doing what I was naturally good at. And it seemed like nothing could ever change my over-the-top level of motivation. I was committed. I was in it to win it. And then I got to meet the real world and quickly learned that keeping that motivation up was not as easy as I thought it would be…

The day-to-day challenges of running a business, the ups and downs of the economy, and the never-ending search for ways to grow the business, can easily dampen one’s spirits.  And once you feel down or unmotivated, it becomes so much more difficult to step outside of your comfort zone or to stay focused on the business priorities.  And that is exactly what needs to happen on a daily basis to ensure your business’ future success. Luckily, simple adjustments to your day can help keep you motivated to stay on track:

Grow Your Biz

Managing the day-to-day affairs of any business is not a simple task. On any given day there are so many things going on that at times we wonder whether we can manage it all. And this is where business systems and processes come in!

Business systems, processes and procedures are your company’s internal “This Is How We Do Things ‘Round Here” guides. You can create a system or process/procedure for just about anything you do in your business. But why would you do it?

One of the obvious reasons is that systems make things more organized.  But can implementing these systems and processes make a difference to your business bottom line? Here are 3 ways in which implementing a variety of business systems and processes can help you boost your business profits: