While Halloween is not a gift giving holiday, don’t dismiss its business generating powers! Halloween, which kicks off the holiday season, is a fantastic opportunity to do some creative marketing and boost your visibility. Stuck on what you can do? Here are some fun ideas: 1. Halloween special offers This is one is the most

Welcome back to our series, 5 Steps to Getting Your Business Out Of Survival Mode. This is Part III. Go HERE to read Part I, including Step 1 on how to take a snapshot of your business so that you know exactly where you are. Go HERE to read Part II, which is all about awesome tools to boost your entrepreneurial mojo and put your business leadership skills to the test.

Today’s post is about step 3, becoming numbers savvy!

If you’re a typical small business owner, you have the guts and enough knowledge to make your business work. However, in order for you to make your business thrive, you’d got to understand this one key ingredient – the numbers that drive your business.

Welcome back to our series, 5 Steps to Getting Your Business Out Of Survival Mode. This is Part II. Go HERE to read Part I, including the first step of my proprietary coaching process that I use with my clients to get them out of survival mode.

Today’s post is all about step 2, which in my opinion is the most important step. So here we go:


Step 2. Boost your Entrepreneurial Mojo & test your leadership skills.

As a business owner, the way you lead yourself, your team and your business determines where you end up and whether you achieve your goals and your version of success. How well you lead depends on your personal traits, strengths and talents, your mindset (or your attitude or mentality; whatever you want to call it), your personal habits, and the level of your conscious awareness about what is helping you move forward and what might be holding you back. This is what I call your Entrepreneurial Mojo.