Often I am asked about ways to decrease stress and increase focus, self-awareness and confidence. As a former practicing attorney, dealing with stress, anxiety and challenges with focus and clarity used to be a daily experience.

Now I have a secret tool, which, if used daily, produces incredible results. This powerful tool is meditation.

Having been meditating for the last 5 years I can swear by its effects not only on my emotional state but also on my overall sense of well-being, my ability to focus, decisiveness, clarity and confidence.

How would you like to build a book of business and grow your legal practice without feeling salesy, pushy or unauthentic? 

Building a thriving law practice is challenging enough but doing it without feeling like a used car salesman is an entirely different level. I hear this a lot from women lawyers. They would love to build a thriving practice with a healthy book of business but they also don’t want to feel unauthentic, or pushy, or salesly in the process.

The good news is – you don’t have to!

2015 is almost here! 

And with the New Year approaching quickly, if you are anything like me, you are probably looking back at 2014, taking stock of everything you accomplished (or wanted to accomplish), and starting to plan for the next year.

This is exactly what I’m doing this week! Every year I spend the last week of December reviewing my accomplishments for the year and setting new goals for the coming year and beyond. And I’ll admit – this is fun for me… :)

Want to do your own year-end review but are getting stuck on where to start or what to focus on? Here are a few tips: